Reasons to visit Santorini.

Santorini is the most magical island in Greece. Countless poems have been written about its rare beauty, but they are probably not enough to describe everything. It is one of those cases, that you just have to be there to experience it with your own eyes. There are many reasons why you should visit Santorini, some of them are more important than others though.

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Top reasons to visit Santorini, Greece

1. The perfect sunset

If you love watching sunsets, Santorini will exceed your expectations. While it is widely believed that Oia offers the best sunset in Santorini, the truth is that you can enjoy an equally beautiful sunset from every spot in Santorini. Whether you are on the terrace at your hotel, or at a local coffee house, the sunset view will definitely take your breath away, as an amazing miracle that was created for your eyes only.

2. The best wine

Santorini is notorious for its  excellent wine.  The wine of Santorini is particularly strong. Due to the volcano and its fertile soil, the local grapes have a unique taste, which in turn makes the wine of Santorini unique as well. The main and most popular wines in Santorini are  the Brusko red wine which is dry and  strong enough,  the Vinsanto red sweet wine  and the nichteri white wine, which is also dry. You can enjoy a wonderful wine cellar at Sphinx to make an informed decision as well as enjoy a magnificent view to Caldera.

3. Visit Thirassia

Thirassia is a must see when visiting Santorini. You can get there by boat and fully enjoy Caldera, as well as  discover the   wonderful traditional, white washed houses that invite you to come and live in them.

4.  Local food

The local food in Santorini is based on the  traditional Mediterranean cuisine. The best Greek ingredients are used to ensure the best possible results. One of the most popular specialties in Santorini is  yellow split pea, well known in Greek as fava. White eggplants are also widely preferred in Santorini, as they are particularly fresh and nutritious. Cherry tomatoes (they are called like this because they  resemble  cherries in size), are also liked immensely. Those are unique tomatoes, as their taste is very different than the taste of other tomatoes. Meatballs with tomatoes (well known as tomatokeftedes in Greek), are very popular in Santorini, so you  should definitely taste them.

5. The volcano

The volcano in Santorini is another reason why you should visit the beautiful island. The volcanic islets of Nea and Palaia Kameni will allow you to observe and enjoy the variety of colors due to the eruption. A guide can give you detailed info as far as the history of the volcano is concerned.

The above are the top reasons to visit Santorini, Greece.  If not all of them, at least some of them, will help you decide to visit the place.


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