Weddings in Santorini were more than the ones in Hawaii

In 2011 approximately 1800 couples chose Santorini to commit with the eternal bonds of love, more than even Hawaii, according to manager of the chain Karamolegos Group, Dimitris Athanasopoulos.


The data analysis for 2011 also shows that traditional markets such as Germany and England had reduced presence this year, while the love of the Japanese and Chinese is pronounced like every year.

Surprise caused by the behavior change of the traveling public, significant part of which turned to the last minute bookings.

So far, bookings run particularly well, since the value of the island is stable over time.

Moreover, the confidence crisis to the Thomas Cook travel agency has upset the British market. However, the British routed to other travel agencies, they know they will definitely travel to their favorite destination.

On his part, Mr Konstantinos Dimitrokalis, owner of Dimitrokalis Group, said that what appears on the market for 2012 is that the move will be the same with last year’s levels and that tour operators are pushing for value for money, while they seem to be very satisfied with the services provided by hotels of the island.


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